Brighton Publishing is a commercial trade publisher. We bring
over twenty-five years experience in the publishing and printing
industry to our authors.

Brighton books are distributed through Ingram Content Group,
the largest wholesale book distributor in the world, in addition to
Spring Arbor, Baker & Taylor and others. They are available
nationwide at all traditional book retailers including , Barnes and
Noble,, independent book stores, and other retailers
and outlets where books are sold. They are also available in
e-book format for Kindle, IPad, Nook, and others.

All Brighton titles are also available on the new Expresso Book
Machine network worldwide.

Brighton publishes in both traditional and subsidy formats
providing authors a greater opportunity for success in having
their work published and offered for sale to the public.

We are a little different, and believe that difference makes the
difference in our mutual success.

As a smaller publisher, our team of dedicated professionals works
with an author throughout the publishing process in a
collaborative effort to create the best possible literary work.

Books contain thoughts, ideas, and
beliefs that can impact the world and
change lives.
This can’t happen if the work is
never published.
An unpublished manuscript sitting
on a shelf is nothing more than a
dream gathering dust.
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Small Publishers Association of North America
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