Our Beliefs

We believe that every writer should have the opportunity to publish their work. A publisher, agent or anyone else's lack of belief in someone's
writing, should not deter a writer from seeking to fulfill their dream of becoming a published author. There is no such thing as the right opinion or the
right answer.

The quality of a book is not the glossy cover or perfect typesetting. A book with the finest graphic design on the cover and the finest construction is
not always a true measure of what's contained inside. Attractive covers and a compelling synopsis on the cover only help in attracting readers. What's
important is the book’s content. Whether it captivates, educates, encourages, enlightens or entertains, it's what's inside that really counts. The finest
cover and best sales pitch will not make up for poorly written text and mediocre content.

In fact, people feel disappointed, let down or even betrayed when the content doesn't match the exterior. They feel as if they have been duped and
taken advantage of. By all rights they should feel that way, because they have been deceived. They were deceived by the beautiful cover and the
carefully constructed synopsis designed to hook the reader. They bought the sizzle only to discover there was no steak. Books that fail to deliver
quality content get poor reviews and immediately establish a poor reputation. Short of revising the content and renaming the book and author, there
is no redemption. There are few second chances in the publishing industry.

Any legitimate company can provide publishing services. Printing, graphic design, and all the other ancillary services can be bought for a price. At
Brighton Publishing, the difference is the quality of the publishing process and the validity of the opinions and guidance. We offer well-reasoned
advice based upon many years of experience. Anyone can offer advice, and advice obtained for nothing is, for the most part, worth what it costs.

We value our integrity over our profits. If we feel we can't provide a writer the publishing format that best suit their needs, we'll refer them to
someone who can. We would rather lose a profit than compromise our integrity. In publishing, we realize there is tremendous competition, there are
many publishers, and a writer may have options. We strive to be the best at what we do, and believe we provide writers not just the highest quality
publishing, but the greatest number of options. We earn our income from retail sales royalties, and strive to produce the finest quality book in
physical properties and content. The bottom line is, we put forth our best effort to make sure every title we produce has content inside that matches
the content outside.

There is no guarantee for a tomorrow and the longer we wait to pursue our dreams, or the things we wish to accomplish in life, the more regret we
feel and the less opportunity we give ourselves to experience happiness and live those dreams, whatever they may be. Never lose sight of your dreams,
your uniqueness and gifts, your power to help others, and to accomplish those things you wish to achieve in this short lifetime.

We adhere to Christian principles, and believe life is as short as the vapor in a mirror. We all enter and leave this world with the same thing: nothing.
Everything we acquire is merely on loan and we are only stewards. The one thing we
can take with us, is the satisfaction of knowing the difference
we've made during our time here. The good we've done, the kindness and generosity we've shown, and the people we've had the good fortune to help.
These things, along with family, friends and the knowledge that we are well thought of by those who know us, are the true definition of success and
have genuine meaning. Everything else is merely window dressing.

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