About Us

Brighton Publishing is a  publishing firm providing authors 21st Century options. We bring over twenty-five years of previous
experience in publishing and printing to our authors.

What sets Brighton Publishing apart from others is that we have a passion for what we do. We love working with literary talent
and assisting in their success. We continually monitor market trends and new technology in the industry which keeps us and
our authors on the cutting edge. We know of no other company that provides authors as many options for success.

When we agree to work with an author, whether it's traditional or subsidy publishing, we believe in establishing a close
professional relationship. We believe publishing is a collaborative effort and we work to develop a final product that is not only
top quality, but has every opportunity to be successful. Brighton Publishing maintains an in-house team of literary
professionals from graphic designers and production staff, to professional literary editors and marketing staff. We do
everything in-house and do not farm out production services.

As we've watched the industry change over the years, we are thrilled with the opportunities that are now available to authors.
Never before has the potential to become published and achieve success been greater than it is at this very moment.

We truly believe that everyone has a book inside of them, and we encourage them to make that book a reality. Those who have
never before considered it, are now writing books and achieving financial and personal success. It's a very exciting time to be in
the industry. We've watched as ordinary people have written a book and earned a handsome income within a year of the book's
release. Obviously, this is the rare exception rather than the rule, but many authors are able to derive a respectable income
from their writing. A number of authors produce a book periodically, making a moderate profit on each one, and earning a
comfortable living as writers. It's important to realize that a book is only written once, but can generate an income forever.
Although writing is more work than most realize, it provides a flexible schedule working from home, with tremendous self-
satisfaction. We love helping people become successful authors.

We are realistic in our appraisals of literary work and will only accept work which we believe has the potential to meet industry
quality standards. We make every effort to temper our critical tongue in evaluating an author's work, and try to make
suggestions and provide advice in a manner that is kind and supportive.

One of the harsh realities of this industry is that it is a business. Although the industry is filled with passion and fantasy, it is,
in its purest form, a business. To be successful, a book must be marketable. It must possess the qualities that create a desire
to purchase and read it. No one, to our knowledge, has ever been able to define precisely what those qualities are. Poorly
written books have become best sellers and superbly written books have been sold for scrap paper value.

Books contain thoughts, ideas and beliefs that can impact the world and change lives. This can’t happen if the work is never
published. An unpublished manuscript sitting on a shelf is nothing more than a dream gathering dust. Our desire is the same
as yours; to see your work successfully published and available throughout the world. Working together, we believe there is an
excellent potential for success.

We look forward to working with you.

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