At Brighton Publishing, we are looking for fresh material in romance, fiction, non-fiction, fantasy, science fiction, mysteries,
thrillers and young adult books. We are not currently accepting works of poetry
or cook books. We will consider other works in
which the author has a specific area of expertise. We are one of the few publishers that will consider work that has previously been
self-published. Previously self-published, means it was self-published at some time in the past but is no longer available. If your
work is currently self-published and being offered for sale, we will not consider it for publishing.

We do not accept erotica, sexually explicit stories, plays or screenplays. We reserve the right, at our discretion,to reject any work
we find objectionable. If you are unsure regarding acceptance of your work, query us, or use the "C
ontact Us" page to ask. Please
do not send an email announcing that you have written a book, and asking if we have an interest in publishing it when you have
not submitted it for publishing consideration, and we have not had the opportunity to review it.

We only accept queries and submissions by e-mail, we do not accept paper manuscripts sent by regular mail.

Your e-mail should include your name, contact information including your phone number, and a synopsis of your manuscript
including a word count. The first chapter of your work should be cut and pasted into the body of the email. Do not send an
unsolicited attachment, as we will not open it. It is important to us to know who we are working with, so please provide a bio with
relevant personal information such as your age, previous publications, writing education/experience, etc. If you are a previously
published author, please provide pertinent details.

Understand that the relationship between an author and publisher is a professional business relationship. Your email should be a
reflection of your professionalism in a business relationship and as a professional author.

We actually do read and consider every work we receive. In our decision to accept your work, we consider overall storyline,
character development, plot, writing skill and market potential. If you are submitting an idea for a book, please provide relevant
information that will help us in formulating the best course of action. If we request a partial or full manuscript, please send it in a
MS Word document 12 point Times new Roman or Arial Font with as little formatting as possible. Do not format and layout your
manuscript to look like a book.

We do not necessarily work with every author or accept every manuscript. We believe that our name should reflect quality in both
content and appearance of our product. If we decide to work with an author on a project, whether its a concept for a book, or a
manuscript, we believe the reputation of our company will have a significant impact on acceptance of the book with the public,
wholesalers, distributors, book reviewers, and other industry professionals. We believe this enhances an author's chance for
success. When a book carries the Brighton Publishing name, it should be recognized as a professional quality product with quality

Please do not include multiple works in the same e-mail. If you have additional works, send a separate e-mail for each. If for any
reason we reject your work, e-mail us prior to re-submitting the same work. In the e-mail, include a brief statement as to why you
feel we should reconsider your work, (re-write, re-edit, etc.). If we are interested in taking another look at your work, we will
contact you to request a re-submission.

We don't believe your query or submission must fit a standard format, however, it should generally conform to the guidelines we
have outlined. If we have an interest in your work, we will contact you with a request for additional information, or submission of
your complete work. We  attempt to answer every e-mail in a timely fashion; however, as we receive hundreds of submissions
weekly, it may take up to twelve weeks for a response.

We request that you be patient and not send us follow up e-mails, asking the status of your query or submission.

Please understand that our evaluation of your work is purely subjective. It's just our opinion, which may or may not be correct.
Many best sellers were rejected by hundreds of agents and publishers before they found success. Do not take a rejection
personally; understand this industry is, first and foremost, a business. Market trends are fluid, and constantly changing. We
encourage every author to not give up, explore every opportunity, and do everything possible to get their work into print.
Remember, it cannot become the next best seller unless it is published. After pouring your heart and soul into your manuscript, it
should not simply sit on a shelf. If it does, it is nothing more than a dream gathering dust! All of us at Brighton Publishing
appreciate your efforts and wish you the best!

Submit your Query to:    or

Please make your submission to either Donald or Kathie. Do not submit to both.

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