Traditional Publishing Format
For professional authors with exceptionally marketable work that meets literary quality standards, we offer a royalty advance. We purchase the rights
from an author to publish their work. The author provides no financial investment. We provide all services including substantive copy editing, cover
design, interior layout, advertising, marketing, registrations and everything needed to produce the book. It is then offered for sale to the public
through retail book outlets. The author is paid royalties on sales. There are no fees or costs to the author.

Subsidy Publishing Format
In our subsidy publishing format, if we believe the author has a viable work that we feel is marketable, we invest in publishing it. This means that we
ask the author to provide a financial subsidy of approximately fifteen percent, and we make an investment of approximately eighty five percent. The
percentages and amounts vary depending on the specific work. The author's subsidy is refunded after a specific number of books have been sold.
Subsidy publishing is not a lesser format, and we publish and market the book in the same manner as in our traditional publishing format. The author
is paid royalties on sales. In the subsidy publishing format, the author receives higher royalties, retains more rights and reserves the right to cancel
the publishing agreement for any reason, and receive a refund. Many major publishers including Random, Hay House, Thomas Nelson, Harlequin,
Lifeway, Penguin, Reader's Digest and others have subsidy imprints.

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